Using WebUI.openBrowser('') to open multiple browsers from test suite

I have created some test cases of a scenario, they all pass no problem.

Rather than run induvidually across browser types, I wanted to run each instance under a test suite so it one run and multi browser.

Can this be done?


I am not sure I understood the question clearly. You meant running the a single test suite with different browsers or each test case in test suite runing with different browsers?

It is setting a test suite with separate test cases with different browsers so the second, I am new to automation so go easy please :slight_smile:

So if you can see the test cases are labelled and I have set a test suite to run all the cases, yet when I run the suite it defaults to firefox and not the various browsers


When I check the script I am assuming that WebUI.openBrowser(’’)

would be the open different browser?