Using Verify Links Accessible returns false positives

Hello Everyone,
I’m hoping for help with an issue I’m having with one of my tests where I am Signing in (Authenticating), then clicking the main menu (So that the main menu page URLS’s become visible as they are collapsed by default), then sending the list of 67 URL’s using the “Verify Links Accessible” option.
My return is always that every page is Successfully reached and the test passes. BUT…upon further digging, I noticed in the console that each link is actually failing with a 302 redirect to the Auth/login page again, then giving me a 200 success that it reached the Auth page so it moves on to the next URL…which then does the exact same thing. I spent a long time on this issue and then decided it must be a bug with the Verify Links Accessible option.
My question would be, is there a workaround that will allow this option to be used and authenticate on each URL that it tries?
Has anyone else seen this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!