Using uiautomator2 systemport

when use uiautomator2 in android 7.0 ~
not use bootstrapPort, use systemPort.
is it possible to automated assigned systemPort like appiumserver port?

Hi wangseob.bae,

I don’t understand your question clearly. Do you want to use ‘systemPort’ as a settings in Katalon Studio?


yes, when use Parallel test, uiautomator driver(default) use bootstrapPort. and assigned automatically.
but use uiautomator2 driver, setting in katalonStudio Project Settings > Execution > Default > Mobile, add ‘automationName’,‘uiautomator2’ and ‘systemPort’,’###’ always

my questions is when add ‘automationName’,‘uiautomator2’ without ‘systemPort’ ,
is it possible assigned systemPort automatically