Using Studio without object repository and recorder

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Thank you, for taking the time to answer so detailed.
I’m struggling hard with your comment.

In sum i got from you to not use / drop three features (OR, recorder, manual view). I basically understand that they are faulty. Correct?
Honest question of a katalon newbie: Why should i stay with Katalon Studion? What are the advantages that other solutions don’t have (like using Selenium/Appium with Java in Eclipse)?
What i’m missing from my unexperienced view? When i have to code, why with Katalon Studio (actual i’m using Protractor)?
Test suites and their managment?

The OR and the recorder combined with the possibility to optional code where the points why Katalon Studio was attracting me. Especially the recorder is heavily prompted on the website.
I used a similar software, QF-Test for Java-UIs, and the built-in recorder function reduced the effort of build an object repository.

My company is willing to spend my for a support contract, i know that the usage is free. Money is not that a problem. But its hard for me to argue, even to myself, why to spend money and just use half of the features.

I didn’t say that. There were premises to those suggestions.

Not faulty, no. They don’t suit POM development.

I don’t know.

All I can say is (because my knowledge of the entire field is limited by my experience) Katalon creates the best hosting environment to develop your tests and test suites. The learning curve seems “less”.

I have no further comment to make on the remainder of what you said (other than the comments I made in the other thread).

I do wonder why you think this needed to be posted separately.

@devalex88 Thanks for reopening.

Because i see this part of the discussion not directly related to the Feature Suggestions. I want to keep the other discussion on topic. About the DRYness of the OR, not about how to use Katalon Studio without the OR.

Ill answer later more detailed to your previous comment.

Hi @s.stautz and @Russ_Thomas,

First of all, thank you Stautz for your interest in Katalon Studio as a potential test automation solution and Russ for addressing all the questions and concerns.

Katalon Studio is designed with the focus for Manual Testers who would like to learn test automation and become Automation Engineers eventually. The Objects Repository, Web/Mobile Recorder or any features/functions of Katalon are designed the same way where you have the Manual View and Script View to fit with the level of your technical expertise or testing requirements.

I’d highly recommend going over Katalon’s manual and download the tool to give it a try. It’s completely Free!!! Then, you will have your own view of the Katalon tools whether it’s the best fit for you and your team.

Honest question of a katalon newbie: Why should I stay with Katalon Studion? What are the advantages that other solutions don’t have (like using Selenium/Appium with Java in Eclipse)?

My teammate, @devalex88 had written this post comparing Katalon vs other frameworks. Please take a look and hopefully, you get some key points about Katalon Studio.

What i’m missing from my unexperienced view? When I have to code, why with Katalon Studio (actual I’m using Protractor)?
Test suites and their management?

If you are comfortable scripting with Groovy, Katalon Script Mode will help you leverage its full capabilities. Like Russ stated, designing your own objects, design the custom keyword to handle specific use case, etc.

Hope this help. Please feel free to post any further questions or concerns. We’re here to help!


Thank you for your detailed answers.

I did this. I installed it, create a project with test cases, keywords, objects, and compared it to my other experiences. I’m not arguing from a theoretical point of view.

I’m a senior software tester with 10+ years in manual testing and test automation as well. I’ve done test automation in different tools, so i would say, that my generell understanding very deep and broad.

My challenge here is a mixed one, as I’m actual the only tester:

  • developer coworkers should do test automation too. The company background is mostly C++/C# and Javascript, Java/Groovy is not common here. I hoped to hook them with the easy to use UI.
  • As (good) testers a rare / expensive I’d like to lower the learning effort.

So if we should code mostly in Katalon to have more powerful/robust test suites, the probability is higher to go with another language and framework.

I once have used QF-Test, test automation for Java, which is mostly UI-based, coding is to fill gaps. With that tool i had great experiences. It was on the same level as coded tests, in some ways even better.
My first impression and hope was that Katalon Studio would offer a similar experience. But it looks to me that the UI functions (OR, recorder) are ‘just’ light weighted functions to provide a certain base. The real, powerful tool is ‘only’ coding, ignoring the UI.

Ill investigate here deeper to do a good comparison, language is not the only thing.
But having here a powerful UI, the same as coding, would have been big pro argument.

As my experiences are telling me, coding is not per se the better tool than the UI. A good UI can catch up (and makes introducing new people easier).

Hopefully my explanation above explains my perspective better to you.
I was surprised that the OR don’t suites POM development. That is in contrast to an experience i made else where.

Kind Regards


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