Using Katalon Recorder Studio with Kendo Drop down boxes

I am trying to automate clicking on a dopdown box made with Kendo and selected an option titled “New Risk Assessment”
I have followed these youtube videos (Katalon Studio: Part 1 - Handling Dropdowns - YouTube & Dropdown Automation in Katalon Studio |Select Option By Index,Value and Label - YouTube) to capture my objects and then use “Select Option by Label”.
However, in the example, when you Spy on the dropdown the capture object is Select_Month_etcc…
When I Spy on my system, no matter which park of the drop down I click, I never get the Select_ option before, thus making it that I cannot use the “Select Option by Label Option”

When I used Object Spy, the captured dropdown list either starts with
kendo-dropdownlist or
I cannot get the select option to show and thus cannot continue recording my dropdown selection.

Does anyone know how to solve this!

Thank you!

I went to the following web site that is advertised as “Overview - DropDownList - Kendo”

Overview - DropDownList - Kendo UI for Angular (

The web site has an example drop-down list. If the example is similar to what you have, you will NOT be able to use Katalon’s selectOptionByLabel, selectOptionByValue or selectOptionByIndex as the drop-down list is not a select tag. Instead, it has a “kendo-dropdownlist”.


You may be able to get access to the list contents though. In the image I got of the HTML from the web site, you can see the item list as the “ng-reflect-data” attribute in a comma separated list. You will have to look into using the String method, split(",") to separate the individual strings out with Katalon Recorder.

This is the xpath I used to get the drop-down button to display the list:
xpath = //kendo-dropdownlist/button

if you have several kendo drop-down lists on a page, then I would start at the closest label, such as:

xpath = //p[text()="T-shirt size:"]/following-sibling::kendo-dropdownlist/button

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I went to another site that had Kendo drop-down and it did not have the same element as above but was made up of a lot of span and div, so you will have to review the HTML of your site to check what manner of drop-down your site is using. Note that you cannot use the select keywords but you can investigate and learn.

Thank you! Yes! I was able to select the list and see the content, but was having trouble clicking an option from the list. Will look into this. Thanks!