Using jQuery for skipp reCAPCHA in Katalon Studio

Hello everyone. Our team starts to use reCAPCHA on website and developers made one way to skip this reCAPCHA when my test cases is running. In this way I need to use jQuery code. When I use this code via console in Chrome DevTools reCAPCHA skipped but I don’t understand how to use this code when I start my cases in Katalon Studio. jQuery code:

$(".login-form-body").append("<input type="hidden" id="skey_" name="skey_" value="KEY"/>")

Can anyone help me with whis case :pleading_face:?

I find solution

WebUI.executeJavaScript("document.getElementsByClassName('login-form-body')[0].innerHTML += '<input type=\"hidden\" id=\"skey_\" name=\"skey_\" value=\"KEY\" />'", null)