Using isRegEx property on Combo Box

Is there an example of the use of the isRegEx property when selecting options in a combo box using the label?

I am trying to use a partial match of the label not in the select option, but it is failing with the following message:

Test Cases/Modular CE Job FAILED because (of) Unable to select option by label ‘Garment’ of object ‘Object Repository/Job Instructions/C2/Test Product Details/ProductGroupList’ using regular expression (Root cause: No option matched.)

The label is actually:

Garment - TF

Does the lookup string when using the selectOptionByLabel have to be formatted a particular way? If so, can you please provide an example?


Hi Michael,

Can you show me the value you are using as regex if possible?


I am sending the following the parameters:


The label in the combo box is:

Garment - TF

Based on your question, I am just going to make a guess that the string is send int he parameters should be formatted as a RegEx statement. If that is true, could please provide an example of the format you would use to find the item in the combo box with isRegEx set?

Thanks in advance.