Using Dynamo Db for TDM

My application supports clients across more than16 environments. Each is supported using a unique profile containing client specific vars. It’s tough to manage. The vars are consistent but the values are not. I want to convert to Dynamo and retrieve the variable data in an API payload. Has anyone tried this and what has your experience been like?


This maybe out of my experience. Can anyone take a look? Looking forward~

Doing the API “getitem” call from a web test will be an essential step

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I assume that the “Dynamo” you mean is “AWS DynamoDB”, not “Dynamo”.

As far as I know, in this forum nobody has ever reported he/she managed to let a Test Case script in Katalon Studio to talk to AWS DynamoDB.

I have ever challenged to let a Test Case script use AWS SDK to communicate with AWS S3. The challenge I needed to resolve was how to resolve the external dependencies (required jar files). I could mange it. See the following post for what I have done. I guess you can do the same way for DynamoDB — you can download the external dependencies for DynamoDB to make them available to your Test Cases.

It requires a lot of technical efforts to let Katalon Test Case to work with AWS services. Katalon Studio provides no support to do this out of box. So, I think that you should review how much you are demanding the connectivity to AWS via AWS SDK. Don’t you have any easier option?

Concerning Katalon Studio & AWS, there is another topic which you may be interested in.

The terminology, “Dynamo” is recognized as AWS Dyn …”

or it may be a football, or a soccer team, or something related to electricity, or whatever else

Thanks bionel. I’m not sure anyone on this forum would mistake “Dynamo” for a sports team.


What is “TDM” you mean?

Test Data Management

@james.irlbeck you have to review this topic:

As far as I know, it is mandatory for any user to read it, understood it and accept it.

For the rest, the answer was already provided.
You have to find a way to bring the needed AWS SDK jars in your project and write the needed auth and requests API wrappers.

Once you have them, you can plugg them into Katalon testcases through a custom keyword class (or even a custom plugin)

Katalon does not provide such at this moment so you have to develop your own solution.
Therefore, start coding.
Show to us what you did and where you are stuck and perhaps we can guide you further.