Using BDD date tables to perform different WebUI actions

Hi Katalon community,

I have this crazy idea with BDD tables in Katalon whereby you can type in different rows of data and then allow Katalon to perform different WebUI actions.

Lets say I wanted to create a User with a different name and set of form fields etc.
Example table
| User | Job Desc |
| User 1 | Dentist |
| User 2 | Midwife |

And I want Katalon to perform a set of different actions for User 1 and then loop back through the test and perform different actions for User 2.

How can I approach this?

  1. Set up a inside the groovy steps and have the code point to a different action?
  2. Add If statements or For loops?
  3. Use a switch statement and loop the actions that way.
  4. Or - Just stick with creating separate scenario scripts for each user and reinvent the wheel…

Any ideas, code snippets and feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile: