Use Katalon Studio 6.3.3 for extended period of two months

Can you extend the use of Katalon Studio 6.3.3 for next two months as we are automating most of our applications using Katalon and the process to acquire the license of katalonc.exe would require some time?

If you already have 6.3.3 installed and activated on your machine, you will still be able to use it indefinitely. The April 30 sunset date is just for NEW installations.

Would my tests keep running from the command line as well as it is currently running?

Yes, they would.

I hope the reporting remains same,that is the HTML report. Would it be able to use Basic Report Plugin for HTML report?

Prior to version 6.3, variable binding automatically reads variables from Excel files and database as strings. This significantly reduces the technical hassles that come along with different data types. However, as Katalon userbase becomes more mature as automation testers, they start to see the need of having more control over how data variables are interpreted.

To meet this demand for flexibility, Katalon 6.3 now enables Excel and Database Test Data variables to be read as it is without being converted to strings. CSV and Internal Test Data files are string-governed by nature, thus are not included. For ensuring backward compatibility, the old Test Data variables are still automatically read as strings unless configured otherwise.

This feature enables more complex data-driven testing at a relatively low cost.

Yes, it will still be able to use the Basic Report Plugin.

Literally nothing will change for already installed/activated 6.3.3 instances after April 30. The sunset date is just the cutoff for new activations.

Sure :smiley: