Use global variable within other global variable?

Is it possible to use one global variable within another, like this:

base_url = ‘
client_url = “${GlobalVariable.base_url}/client”

I cannot get it working.

ok, instead of trying to rape global variables, try to joint them where you need:

def myURL = GlobalVariable.base_url + GlobalVariable.client_url

I know that, but this is not an answer to my question. So I guess the answer is No.

Can you define a global variable for a project anymore? I don’t want to do it at the profile level because I have my profiles set up to call a different base url ex., test-www., Stage-www etc. I don’t want to have to create a global for the multiple test systems (6+) each time I set one up. Can it be done at the project level?

How about:
client_url = ${GlobalVariable.base_url} + “/client”

May need to escape the /. So:

client_url = ${GlobalVariable.base_url} + “//client”