URGENT : Not able to launch app in Browserstack while executing from test from Katalon

Getting error.

Test Cases/test2 FAILED because (of) Unable to start the app at: ‘bs://’ (Root cause: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The mobile device is missing. Please select the mobile device to be executed and try again.)

It looks like Katalon is not able to point the App uploaded in browser stack. The same test is working brilliantly in the local emulators.

I think this step is missing in Katalon user guide as well - https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/BrowserStack+Integration

Please respond quicly. It is very urgent !

How do you start that test case? Can you show me your configurations ? Please note that currently BS is supported through only ‘Remote’ execution, so that error message indicates misleading desired capabilities somehow.

Thanks for the message… I have attached the configuration.

Start application code as below -


Configurations are as below -

platform - ANDROID

device - Samsung Galaxy S7

os_version - 6.0

Strongly I feel, start application line is giving a problem. Not sure what parameter to be passed while running on browser stack.


Well ‘starApplication’ keyword does not support this kind of parameter. You can do it using Kobiton application id, but for other services such as BS is not possible.

In that case, how to launch the application to Browserstack. Could you please help me on this as early as possible. It is blocking my Katalon POC work for my organization.

As I have said before, you can only execute test cases using ‘Remote’ option for BS, so the only way to ‘handle’ it is passing desired capabilities such as application id.
I’ve found an example here:

So based on this example, you need to use:
1. Use desired capabilities in ‘Remote’ settings from BS
2. Add a key called ‘app’ using provided BS application URL as a value.
3. Execute your test case using ‘Remote’ settings

Hi Vinh, Thanks for the mail. I did try the same steps but not working. From Browserstack a lead engineer is talking to me about this ticket and suggesting few things to try. Also, he confirmed that a new feature should be requested from Browserstack to Katalon to make it work seamlessly.

Could you please talk to Browserstack team on this and Meantime, if you could find me a workaround for this would be a great help.

I’m unable to help you in this case. BrowserStack and other services such as SauceLabs are not supported to be used like that :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. However i am talking to Browserstack team to get help on this…

Hi Vinh,

I spoke to Browser stack on this issue, they have investigated the issue and suggesting that to get a new feature added in Katalon that to support Remote Android and iOS drivers.

Is this something to take a URGENT request to develop a new feature to support this please. It has stopped our work at the moment. We really do not want to go for other tool to develop app automation suite for our project as we are seeing Katalon as a strategic tools for both web and mobile apps automation in our organisation.

I hope you can take this up.

Also, if required you can connect me to your next levels for any more discuss if we want opt for premium support from KMS team on this. I am open for the discussion.



Test Architect, UK

To opt for premium support, you can use this form: https://www.kms-technology.com/katalon-services and submit your contact information there. You can find all other information regards to premium support.

Can you tell me why do you need that feature for BrowserStack?

Hi Vinh,

We are using Browserstack for Web and Mobile Apps automation tests execution. The web scripts are working for us with no issues. Mobile APP is not working with an above-said point.

Hence, we need a feature developed in Katalon to support Android and iOS remote web drive so that we can run. Mobile apps scripts developed in Katalon can execute on Browserstack.

@Hari: I can see that Katalon does not support for integrating with Browserstack at this time.
If you would like to use app automation in BrowserStack via Katalon, you might write the raw text script of Appium or Selenium with supported language as Java, Groovy…
I try with this below guideline and run it by Katalon then it works. But as I said, we have to use the original script of appium/selenium. https://www.browserstack.com/app-automate/appium-java

Hi Nhi, Thanks for the response.

I did try that as you said writing the original scripts of Appium and running through Katalon. It worked fine. But, it is not that user-friendly as how we write using Kataon API. I still request a new feature to support this.


@Hari: I think it would require much effort to do
@“Liam B”: Please help to take a look on this request features.

@nhi : Thanks for the response. I can understand it would take more effort. I am sure this feature will be a big tick in the box for Katalon and most of the automaton testers.

I will wait for this feature. Thanks


Thanks for your request. I have put a ticket in the queue for discussion. Feel free to add more details so Katalon team understand the value of this feature.

Thanks again for using Katalon Studio,

Happy Holidays!

@Liam, Happy new yer.

Any update on this new feature please?. When is the Katalon next new release planned ?



Hari said:

@Liam, Happy new yer.

Any update on this new feature please?. When is the Katalon next new release planned ?



Hi @Hari,

I have discussed this request with the team. After much thought and consideration, BrowserStack is not our top priority at the moment as only a small number of users requested this. However, the ticket is in the backlog and will be considered for future implementation. In the meantime, please leverage the workaround for this.

Next release of Katalon Studio will be in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your understanding,


Hi, Any updates on this? When or which Katalon release has planned this feature. Looks like this feature is very much required for users who are using Browserstack for Mobile apps automation.

Your response will help us plan our project work accordingly. Thanks