***URGENT ***Katalon Jira(v7.5.1) Integration:Bug Summary and other details are not auto populating

Hi Vinh :confused:

Katalon Jira(v7.5.1) Integration : Bug Summary and other details are not auto populating.

Kindly help.

Can you provide more details about your issue?

Hi Vinh, Thanks for your prompt response. I have posted a video regarding the same in youtube.


Thanks for looking in to this.

Hi Vinh, Any update…? Let know, If there is any setting change that would solve this issue.


So you click on the ‘Login’ button directly? If so, please do not do anything when you create a new Jira issue, it will login automatically and fill in details for you. Please try again

Hi Vinh,

1. The Jira login is happening automatically via Katalon.

2. It navigates to ‘https://jira.myoffice.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa’. After then, nothing happens.

Am I missing something.

Hi Vinh …

Awaiting your reply…


I am facing this issue too. I am using Jira Cloud.

I’ve tried once again and didn’t observe the issue. Can you help to provide more information about your JIRA information (cloud? server? version?) ?