UploadFile Custom Keywords

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Hi @Katalon_Store and @katalon_store_suppor

Kindly share a sample git project for UploadFile Custom Keywords

Hi @disover_katalon,

Please get the sample project here:


I have AngularJs page and had many time to upload a file but didn’t have any error and no file was uploaded. Oh, I’ve installed purging for file download. I have Mac OS and code looks like
String vcf_fileName = “Cdrive:\Users\radomj\Downloads\TwoVariantsOneSigOneFilteredOut.vcf”
WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject(‘web ui/Test Objects/Pages/Create Case/Page_New case - NAVIFY Mutation Profiler/Upload VCF file’), vcf_fileName)
Please, help



I used the custom keyword in my script. Nothign seemed to happened. No upload, no error as well. I used in Chrome and Firefox. same issue. Pls help

Is there a guide here somewhere so I can get a better understanding of this plugin? I don’t even know if I am using it correctly. Been running into some issues when it comes to file uploading.

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Hi, where can I find some information how to get and use the UploadFile plugin?
I think I must download and install a .jar file?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Cheers, Robert