Upload screenshot from katalon

Hi guys!.

I hope that someone can help me. I want upload screenshot from a test case in katalon to google drive, I use the command WebUI.takeScreenshot(), but I need save this screenshot in google drive.

Thanks for all.

Hi @candres3107,

Did you already know how to upload a file to Google Driver? If not, you could follow the instruction here https://developers.google.com/drive/api/v3/about-sdk.

Then, in Katalon, you could get the screenshot file location and upload it by yourself /=).



String screenShotFileLocation = WebUI.takeScreenshot()

println " - - - "
println "Screenshot file location: " + screenShotFileLocation
println " - - - "

uploadToGoogleDrive(screenShotFileLocation) // You have to write this on your own /=)


Hi @thongnmtran, nice to meet you.

In Katalon I have to write the sentences uploadToGoogleDrive in Each step of the test case where I wish upload the screenshot? and where I connect my account of google drive in Katalon?



If you are a G Suite user, you should be able to use Drive File System. This is the easiest way to save any files into Google Drive from Katalon Studio.

Once your organization’s G Suite is setup, your PC will have G: drive mapped to the “My Drive” of Google Drive. This means, any application (Windows Explorer, Excel, Notepad, and Katalon Studio) can read/write files on the G: drive just as ordinary files on local disk; and the file is actually located in Google Drive.

Please note that the administrator of your organisation should turn on sync for your organisation.

You are not a G Suite user? — sorry about that. I do not know much. You may need to hack around Drive API and Google Service Account. Unfortunately Katalon Studio provides no integration with Google Cloud. Possibly you want to create a Service Account and create a private key with which your application can get authenticated and authorised by Google Cloud.

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Thanks for your response. I implement another solution with sincronization with google drive.


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