Upload Multiple Files but there is no attribute “multiple”

hey, i want to automate upload multiple files (Katalon Studio), but there is no attribute “multiple” like this

<input type="file" multiple>

but instead like the img below.

what i want to achieve is like:

I’ve tried to make it like this, the steps produce passed but no files are uploaded

def documentsPath = ['E:\\\\FfzsHZJUcAEvXrs.jpeg', 'E:\\\\FeNebInVIAApKzh.jpg', 'E:\\\\FeNebZTVIAADXR5.jpg', 'E:\\\\FfzsWUPVQAAO-SL.jpeg']

for (path in documentsPath) {
    WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject('homepage/pemasaranku/register supplier/ipt_dokumen_supplier'), path, FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)

homepage/pemasaranku/register supplier/ipt_dokumen_supplier
contains like just in image 1

You did not show use which HTML element at the following code selects

findTestObject('homepage/pemasaranku/register supplier/ipt_dokumen_supplier')

Therefore nobody can advise you anything informative.

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only one in HTML, is there any other way to automate this?

What Katalon automation can do is just to mimic your manual operation.

How do you do MANUALLY to upload 4 images?

the user click each button “arrow pointing right” and select the file from the popup.

Then your Katalon test case should do just what you wrote.

Hi @alkhawarismi989, try this posting: How-to use ‘sendKeys’ or 'File Upload' to upload files

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