Upload Multiple File

Hello guys,
How can i automate two uploading files in this situation ?
So i created two keywords with different filepath, but only one keyword could be running not two in the same time.

Is someone could help me ? thank you very much in advanced.

in a real usage scenario, how an user will click both buttons at the same time to upload them simultaneously?

Not at the same time bro, one by one.
But I don’t know how to solve it.

Well, it’s procedural. Use the first button, first. The second button, second.

Use this method, twice:

I already used a keyword method and it works righlty.
But i have two files to upload.
I have created two keywords method, but when i run, only one works.


Here is the code :

Here is the test result

The first keword works correctly, and joins the doc1. But the second, just opens widows, no file uploaded.

Verify once with 1st upload file and move to Next upload file Link
Must have different attributes for both upload buttons

With second can you try same path with first file and Verify the upload button click?

the first object concerns the uploading of the visa file, the second for the passport file.
I captured these objects on spy web.

Contradicts with

… bro.

But OK, we got it, you wan’t it sequentially, how an actual user will do.
Now is time for you to share also the code of the keywords and test objects and the html of the page so somebody can check if the locators in use are correct.
Don’t blindly trust the spy utility, there are chances that after you upload the first file, the html code of the page may slightly change.

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Agreed, we need to see the HTML of those two fields, so that we can give you unique identifiers that will locate them correctly. They are most likely <input> elements. I have an old topic that may be relevant here as well: