Upload files from Test Data

I saved the downloaded file storage location in rows a and b, respectively.
And insert a and b data into the TEST DATA.

I specified a,b variable for the variable in TEST CASE (named up2).

After that, I created a TEST SUITE (up) and connected the TEST DATA and the TEST CASE set above.
Assuming that the file is in the proper storage location, will this TEST SUITE (up) work properly with this process?
Please let me know if there is any easier way or other way.

You have one more step to do.
Either click on the ‘Map all’ button (top-right of the ‘Test data’ window) or manually set in the ‘Variable binding’ window the match between the testdata rows and testcase variables.
Since the row names in testdata are matching with the variable names defined in testcase, you can safely go with ‘map all’ (it already found them to match)