Upgrade from katalon 5.4.2 --> 5.6.1 none of my existing scripts will run

I’ve opened my projects folder and everything seems to load perfectly, but if I try to run a test, the scripts fail with the following error:

08-22-2018 11:04:03 AM - [START] - Start Test Case : Test Cases/Kommune/Sikker sone

08-22-2018 11:04:04 AM - [INFO] - Evaluating variables for test case

08-22-2018 11:04:04 AM - [ERROR] - Test Cases/Kommune/Sikker sone FAILED because (of) org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:

file:/D:/Katalon%20Project/Google/Scripts/Kommune/Sikker%20sone/Script1531294032669.groovy: 24: unable to resolve class jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.regexp.joni.Warnings

@ line 24, column 1.

import jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.regexp.joni.Warnings as Warnings


1 error

08-22-2018 11:04:04 AM - [END] - End Test Case : Test Cases/Kommune/Sikker sone

Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?



Could you make a quick check on the package: jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.regexp.joni.Warnings? is it from the external libs that you imported or from Katalon Studio internal libraries?

Can you tell me more details about jdk.nashorn.internal.runtime.regexp.joni package? Do you any special settings or any special import related to this package from Katalon Studio 5.4.2?

Hi Thomas,

Upon deep investigation, we’ve figured out this library: nashorn.jar does exists on 5.4.2 , but not on 5.6.1. So for the current workaround solution, please down this attached jar (extract it first) and import it back to your project.

So the current issue will be resolved



Hi, I must admit I have no idea where this import comes from. I thought it was a standard import from katalon, since it is in all my scripts. I’m guessing this isn’t the case, as I removed the import statement and the script ran just fine now in 5.6.1.
Unfortunately I’m no programmer, and I’m just trying this out, guess I must have been stealing some code from the web and added this import. But I still think it’s strange that everything works ok in 5.4.2 with this import, but fails in 5.6.1.