Updated to 6.10, and Katalon can no longer see my network Drive

I just updated my Katalon to the latest 6.10. I have my Katalon project stored on a network shared drive. I can see the drive in windows explorer. I was able to access it on 6.05 build prior to update.

Now when I go to Open it, the network drive ( which is D on my computer) is not listed, and even if I click on the project from Windows explorer. Katalon opens but will not display it.

This sounds like a bug, Monica, so I’ll move it to Bug Reports.

Did you try going back to 605? It would remove all doubt if you try that again and it starts to work again.

I am having similar issue not able to access folders on network drive

This issue is no longer a problem, on the 6.1 versions and I can access my network drives fine.

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Thanks for reporting back, Monica.

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