Update database test value before using it

Hi Team,
Hope you guys are doing well.
May I ask that is it possible to update database data before query to use it?

Hi Thai

May I ask, why you want to do this?

Hi Russ,
I want to set a flag ON to check a message in web application without manually updating it by using SQL management tool.

Hi Thai,

If that’s the case, perhaps you could now tell me how a user of your application might do that?

My point is: if you are meant to be conducting functional testing (which is primarily what Katalon Studio is for) and there is no way for a user to accomplish the same task through the AUT’s user interface, then the facility to perform that function should be added to the AUT first (and then you can test that).

Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood. I’m just trying to understand.


Hi Russ, let me give you an example for my case. I want to test a notification message show on the top of page.
1. I have to use SQL management tool to update the value to “This is my message for testing”
2. I get back to the page and verify my new message to see it correctly

The step 2, ok it can be done by using automation test easily.
But one day someone else update my message says “This is message of ABC”, so my test will be failed, although the feature still ok.

I need my automation test is more flexible, so I can update my message before the step verify my message by using Katalon


Hi Thai

Sorry, I should have said right at the start, yes I think you can do that… read the section under the heading Handle Databases in this help page:


I’ve never tried it myself, but the example seems to contain all the necessary pieces to conduct a conversation with a database backend.

Hi Russ,
I did read it , just want to ask you for an easier way.
Thanks so much anyway