Update a column in the data file that is already data bound to the test casethe

I have an excel file that I bound to a test case for iterating through test data. After each row, I want a column in the data file to be updates with a status like Pass or Fail. I added a column Pass/Fail to my excel spreadsheet and also added a variable called Pass_Fail in the test case(maybe not needed). How can I update the excel file with a Pass or Fail in that column?

I want to be able to do something like -
Datafile.setValue(‘Pass/Fail’, ‘Pass’) 'for that current row

Can someone help me for syntax for this scenario?

The following doc may help:

thanks Kazurayam. I already checked this. As per this code, I need to invoke the file and figure out the row and column and then add that value. But since I already have the data file bound to my test case, I want to be able to just call the Pass/Fail column for the current row it is running and update it.

I see that there is a findTestData object and was wondering if I can use that for this scenario.