unknow error:Chrome failed to start (crash)

os :win10
chrome version : 77.0.3865.120(X64)
driver version : 77.0.3865.10 (WIN32)

Hi @gaofc

In the Error dialog, the message is telling us that chrome.exe is no longer running. Can you please go into that directory where the Error dialog says chrome.exe is located to see if it is actually located there.

Is this the first time you use Katalon ? Or the tests were fine and this is a recent phenomenon.

Thank you for your help!
yes,this is my first use Katalon.
According to your request, I checked the file directory

bseause of my os’s language is Chinese simple , when the mouse is not clicked, the directory displayed contains Chinese,like this :

i think @kazurayam has opened a feature request on a similar matter, he needs support for japanese … but any non-latin alphabet languages may be affected by this issue
he requested in fact katalon to support project folders in native language, but i think those two issues are related

kaz, can you try to reproduce it by placing chrome executable inside a folder with japanese letters?

Hi @gaofc

Does this issue when you’re trying to Record, or it only happens on Playback ?

I did some googling and found some mentioning about chrome processes are not properly killed. This can be because of current chrome instances on your machine. The easiest way to clean up is restarting the machine. Please try to restart your machine, and then don’t open Chrome, go straight to Katalon Studio and execute/record again to see if it works.

My feature requests are here. These are about the specification of Katalon Studio.

  1. I want to name TestObjects in my native language
  2. I want to name folders in my native language

My featere requests are not relevant to ChromeDriver.

i never said you raised such issue, only that both may have same root cause.
looks like i was wrong, ignore it. edited my post to ‘similar’

Sorry, I was a bit rude. I edited my post.

Hi ThanhTo,
I rebooted my operating system and checked the initialization process, as follows:

Then, tried to use KATALON’s recording feature (select Chrome) and got the same error.

I deleted my posts because my posts were out of the point.

Hi ThanhTo,
I rebooted my operating system and checked the initialization process, as follows:

image.png654x589 135 KB

Then, tried to use KATALON’s recording feature (select Chrome) and got the same error.


image.png516x697 24.9 KB


ths for your help!
Chrome is a must-have browser and can’t be abandoned.
Win10’s CMD view , *According to the path found " C:\Users\27945\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application.chrome.exe"


PLS try to take detail log from ChomeDriver.

In the log you may find more detail log how ChromeDriver performed.


Just a question. On my Windows 10 PC, I have Google Chrome installed at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”.

Don’t you find Chrome.exe there on your PC as well?

Please have a look at my previous post:

This may be relelvant to you, or may not. I am not too sure.

I try config chromdriver.log, but it can not work.

  1. config katalon.ini

2.execute command

  1. check info “Abot -> installation details->Configuration”, config is failed.

And , i find KS’s error.log is not null.
katalon_startup_error.log (190.8 KB)

You wrote


You need to create the output folder for the log (C:\temp) manually before you execute your Katalon
test. Have you created the folder?

I created “temp” befor config .

Let me ask you the question again.

yes, I;m so sorry ,I read the link you sent and did a search for “chrome.exe”, but I forgot to look at the results.In fact, I do have two “chrome.exes” on my computer.

both of them (chrome.exe) can work.

Could you check the version of your 2 chrome.exe?

I suppose have an older version of chrome.exe in the C:\Users folder.