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Hi All,

I am having a problem when trying to launch an Android app using Mobile Spy or just by trying to run a script. The .apk file that is used in the example that comes with Katalon is working fine, but it is another app that is made by my work colleagues that is having trouble.

What happens is that after about 3 minutes the app will open on the screen, then about 30 seconds after that it will close and I’ll get this error message “Incorrect package and activity. Retrying.” So the app opens, but for some reason Katalon doesn’t think it’s open.
It is point 5 on this Katalon troubleshoot page

I have tried the solution where you go to Settings > Execution > Default > Mobile > Android and set “appWaitActivity” to com., or in my case it is uk.co., as this is the prefix to the app name, but it still refuses to load.

Based on the information on this Appium page it seems like it could be the activity name and/or the package name? Or a problem with the Android Manifest?

Can anyone suggest anything else that I can try or point me into the direction on what I should be looking for, or let me know what Katalon is looking for when it reads the Android Manifest so that I can have it set up correctly in the app itself.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stephen,

There are a few more DesiredCapabilities settings you can add that might help. In your Project->Settings menu, go to Execution->Default->Mobile->Android.

Add new entries for appPackage, appActivity, appWaitActivity, and appWaitDuration. Here’s a description of what those activities mean: http://appium.io/docs/en/writing-running-appium/caps/

When done, it should look something like this (substituting “mycompany” for the actual company code in the package).

Name            Type   ValueappWaitActivity String com.mycompany.*
appPackage      String com.mycompany.app
appActivity     String com.mycompany.Login
appWaitDuration Number 30000

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for your response Chris, I won’t have time to test this yet, but I’ll report back when I’ve given it a go.

Thanks a lot for kind help, after adding all the three names its started working for me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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