Unable to Verify some elements Text

I’m a new user trying to get familiar with the recorder. Could someone please tell me how I might confirm the text (“3 guests, pets”)of this location/element?
There is no text property within the element. And Katalon recorder’s ‘verifyText’ doesn’t see it. So what’s the trick?


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Hi Rick

It seems that the result is blank if we use WebUI.GetText() method.
Please use below to get the text for this element.

def txtResult = WebUI.getAttribute(findTestObject(‘Page_VRBO - The Most Popular Vacati/input_form-control js-guestSel’), ‘value’)

You will need to write code to verify the text as well.

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Try the following:

verifyValue | css=input[placeholder="Guests"] | 3 guests, pets

I want to verify all the drop down values present in combobox.
For Example: in Drop down i have Vehicles,Drivers,Trailers,Unknown
i want to show all the values in logs using katalon Recorder.Can any one help on this

How to do datadriven using katalon recorder?
In datadriven tab,I selected Added CSV File.
CSV File contains data like Column name "COMPANYID " and two rows.
how can i parmeterise the value in Value Column
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i need to parameterise the value using CSV File,Can any one help on this
Can any one have any suggestions to quote this

[info] Executing: | verifyValue |

xpath=(.//*[normalize-space(text()) and
| No more candidates awaiting Authorization |

[error] getInputValue(…) is undefined