Unable to upload a file using window pop up(file explorer)

We have been using Katalon recorder to do a sample poc. but got struck at Import functionality. Where this tool didn’t recognize the windows file explorer popup which will be opened when click on choose file button. We tried in both chrome & Firefox extensions.

The requirement is to choose a file to import in to the application. Can we achieve this with katalon recorder tool?

could you give more information about what kind of uploading we are talking about, some examples of website or something like that, some errors what you have

Here is the screenshot of the page.
When clicking on the Choose file button on the webpage, Windows (dialog) file explorer popup is being displayed. There we are unable to choose the required file to upload.

Below error is being occurred:

[error] Element not found


you can try winium server tool

or … stay tuned for katalon 7.0