Unable to switch the driver to WEBVIEW mode (Root cause: Cannot find any WEBVIEW to switch to)


I am testing a Ionic/Cordova application using an Android emulator. When I attempt to switch to Webview the system reports the above error. I checked using the Mobile Spy I see child web views. (See Image below). Is there a reason this is not working?

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I have discovered the issue with the XPath is that the Hybrid application must be able to use the Appium Driver ability to Switch to WebView. Our application in Ionic Cordova is a native wrapper with the web container inside.

Does anyone know what the switch to WebView would not work?

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The issue has been identified. The chrome drive was to old in the emulator. I updated chrome to the latest version and web view now works.


Hi @Paul_Kanaris
How can update chrome driver in the Emulator
plz help on this…?

Hi Mohamed,

You will need to download the .apk file for chrome from the internet. A site I have used is:

Once you have downloaded the chrome installer that you require. I used Google Chrome: Fast & Secure 64.0.3282.137 by Google LLC . You may wish to select a new version if the emulator you are selecting support it.

Next follow these steps:
•Create emulator.
•Run emulator.
•Wait for emulator to boot.
•Download chrome-android.apk to your PC.
•Drag-drop apk to emulator screen

Once the emulator is setup you should be able to see your WebView.

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