Unable to store value in Text field

Hello Team,

I am unable to store vale in Text field, Recorder was able to identify FEIN Field correctly, But i was unable to store numeric value like 12345679 in that field. I tried various commands like type,Store text but nothing works.


You could try and use editContent instead?

Patrick Groot said:

You could try and use editContent instead?

Tried that too, Getting below error

[error] The value of contentEditable attribute of this element is not true.

Sounds possibly like a field that has both a visual layer and a text input field present, potentially utilising JavaScript / AJAX or the likes to control what the user is able to enter via the visual layer where it captures the user’s input.

If you can see whether you can use Katalon to set the value of a text field to a particular value (even if you can’t see it do so) and then attempt to submit the form. If the form validation doesn’t block this, then inspect the HTTP POST back sent and what values it submits, as it may be submitting the value still, but you might just not be able to see it.

If this is not the case, then it’s hard to say without having physical access to the form.