Unable to start iOS simulator

Hi, I’m getting the error message below when I click on start button to launch the iOS stimulator

I’m following the guide from this url, but in Part 2 - :

but in Part 2 - Install Appium and Xcode command-line tools via Katalon built-in tools is not working for me as nothing response when i click on ios > install dependencies, so I install them manually.

Appreciate if anyone can help on this :pray:

@sy.lye Are you able to confirm the version of appium, xcode and iOS target version the app is built for? Can you also share the desired capabilities you are using?

appium - 1.22.3
xcode - 14.3
ios target version - 13 & above

For now, i didn’t set the desired capabilities for mobile, is it mandatory to set it?

I do not think that that version of appium and xcode are compatible. There is a change in xcode 14 that broke appium. The fix for this only went into appium version 2. You can either downgrade xcode or upgrade appium.

It should be “the iOS simulator”. I’ve changed it.