Unable to start APK on android emulator using Katalon Mobile Recorder or Object Spy


I’m new at katalon studio and also encountered this issue.

Uploading: image.png…

Asking for your help to fix this.

thanks you.

Hello mr Chris.

I wanna ask something, i just try katalon studio for mobile testing and it works.
But unfortunately, one of my apk testing isnt running well. The case is : when i try to record the apk, its stuck on splash screen on first launch the app. I wanna ask to you, can i test that apk with katalon? Or i should set up something to handle that? Thankyou

Hi @silmi,

The problem you’re seeing might be that Katalon is launching the wrong activity for your app and is hanging at the splash screen. You can try setting the Desired Capabilities for the appActivity to be the correct application activity (you might need to confirm that value with your developers).

See here for how to set the Desired Capabilities in Katalon Studio:

Hope this helps,