Unable to select a value from combobox

how do i select value from combobox ? my DOM doesnt have select class.its a lightning-basecombobox

once or twice,the script is getting passed but i am seeing failures frequently after 2 runs.

Any permanent solution/suggestion would be appreciated.


Full DOM of the drop-down and its options plz

updated above.

I’m sorry, but this is still not enough.

If we are to help you, we’re going to need to see:

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The list of options “opens” when you click on the drop-down button. To create a pathway for them, you have to have the list of options showing. I think you will have to have a number of wait statements so that you go as “slow” as a person, not like KS code can do.

Here is a practice site:



You are working on a Salesforce page, right?

A Salesforce page is highly-dynamic. It is not a static HTML at all. It changes its DOM dynamically along with the user interaction (clicking elements, etc). This design once was called AJAX.

You want to select a lightning-combobox and select a value inside. I suppose that the combobox node appears (and disappears) after you do certain interactions (move cursor on xxx, click it, etc). Without your interaction, the DOM does not contain the combobox; therefore your test case script fails to find the combobox.

Your test script have to mimic a sequence of user interactions (move cursor on xxx, click it, wait for the target element to appear in the dom, …). In order to find out how to mimic user interaction, we need to have an immediate access to the target web site. A screenshot of the static HTML source is not enough.

Unfortunately, your Salesforce URL is private; protected by your credential. We, guys in this forum, can NEVER have immediate access to it. Therefore we are unable to give you any more suggestions to you.


Thank you so much and its really a helpful suggestion.I will follow as per your suggestion. Thank you!