Unable to see Custom Keywords for GMAIL

Hi All,

In Manage plugins, “Read and Write Gmail Messages Keywords” is displayed. But when we check in the custom keywords folder and Reload plugins popup “Read and Write Gmail Messages Keywords” is not displayed.


Hi @Sudheer_D_J,
Which Katalon Studio version are you using? Let’s try again with the newest version.

I am using latest version 6.2.0

@Sudheer_D_J, we just checked the changelog of the plugin and saw that you need to use 6.1.5 as the maximum compatible version. Refer here for the changelog.
We will ask the owner of the plugin to update the lastest version and keep you updated.

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@Hari Can you please help us update the maximum KS version so that users can use your plugin with 6.2.0?
Tips: You only need to set a minimum KS version.

Hi Katalon Store team, I have made the changes. Thanks