Unable to save any web testing project changes

I am currently on Katalon Studio version 7.5.5

I have noticed that after some point of time, Katalon stops saving changes made anywhere throughout the project. I also noticed, the * symbol on the tabs (under which changes are being made) does not show up.

Because of this issue, I am now closing the project > reopening the project > make few changes > save > close and reopen project again to verify for any changes saved. This is the one of the two ways I am able to save changes in my project…

The save issue happens only when i start seeing the below Cache Module node progress bar on hitting CTRL+S

And while closing the project, the following appears at random:
There is not such code that causes the above error. Closing Katalon > Re-opening the project > Making few changes to any other file (and not the stated Common,groovy file) > Saving it > Closing the project > This time the save and closing project works perfectly fine without reporting the above error of the untouched Common.groovy file.

All the above events happen only when the * symbol does not show up on the tabs of the files being changed.

Upon further investigating, I found out that my Keyword file has approx.1500 lines of code. Katalon Studio becomes too slow when adding any more lines of code. It stops responding when making any further changes or saving changes. To get it working and the 2nd way of saving changes; I had to break down the keyword file script into halves i.e. Keyword file 1 with 750 loc and the other keyword file with 750 loc. Making changes anywhere now in the project saves everything successfully. Katalon Studio also stops freezing if taken this approach which is quite unpractical.

Something similar found on the forums (Saving issue and performance issue while creating multiple keywords - #3 by uttara.appu). I hope this issue is fixed as soon as possible by the technical team.

My hardware config:


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Thanks for you detailed report, I will try to reproduce this issue and see what we can do !

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Let me know if you need any further details. I’d be happy to contribute towards the bug.

It’s that old problem again. Nothing to do with the size of the file…

I get one or two of these per week. It happens more often when there a many files open, and usually when the app has been open for many hours, maybe days.

@Loan_Tran requested me to send in the files - frankly that’s pointless.

One thing I know for sure, it has NEVER happened to the primary editor window. Which is the primary window? The one with image - it only ever happens to the other windows/tabs.

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Unlike yours, mine happens even if I have just one file open i.e. the keyword file. I do not know how you are experiencing this with multiple files open and me with just one. I can confirm that this issue is not specific to number of open files for sure; since I had just one file open and still experienced the save issue.

The only thing I noticed is the LOC issue on my keyword file as mentioned above. Breaking the keyword file into lesser loc saved my keyword file successfully.

I can also confirm that the issue happens even after a system restart or Katalon restart.

I believe there might many more such issues that are causing the save issue to trigger.

@Loan_Tran, I can also confirm the issue is also not because of any special symbol in scripts. None of my test cases or keywords or test objects have any kind of special symbol that can cause such save issue.

This issue is very critical since a lot of work has to be redone if a user assumes Katalon saving data successfully.

@arup.halder, I tried adding 1500 lines of println commands into a custom keyword but the file was till saved successfully without errors. Can you send us your file to reproduce the issue?

Yes. Any change in the affected window/tab can recover the situation. In one of the linked threads, I documented how to close the tab, reopen it (then the * reappears) and then it will save - same file, same number of lines of code, same number of tabs open. To me, that suggests that the editor object has lost the ability to save - closing and reopening another tab with the same file gives you a NEW editor and “something” knows the file is dirty and needs saving because the * reappears.

That isn’t going to help find the problem any more than just using the app. The issue is a runtime/memory/io/fs problem. Extra debugging/logging needs to added around the Exception handler that launches the “…Try SaveAs…” dialog.

Most of my keyword/classes files seem to average around 400 lines. Any one of them can have the issue. I have only one that goes beyond 1500 lines.

For me, over the 3.5 years I’ve been monitoring the bug, it’s happened on…

Win10 laptop, 8 GB ram.
Win7 desktop, 16GB ram.
Win10 desktop, 32GB ram.

All running Katalon editing the same project.

I myself and another Katalon user have had this issue as well. We have learned to close Katalon frequently to reduce the number of times this error occurs. The two of us are on different versions, she is on latest 6.x, and I am in latest 7.x.

She is in Server 2008 with 10 GB Ram and I am on Server 2016 with 10 GB ram.

Like @Russ_Thomas said, it does not matter the number of files, size of files, or specific files.

I have similar save problem, but only if I use Variables tab.
Create new blank test case, add new variable to Variables tab. Close test case. Reopen test case and add second variable to Variables tab. CTRL + S does not work anymore.
My default view is Script view. If I change view to Manual in this test case, CTRL + S work then OK.

And I use Katalon Studio v. 7.6.2

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