Unable to run the runner for login

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#Author: your.email@your.domain.com
#Keywords Summary :
#Feature: List of scenarios.
#Scenario: Business rule through list of steps with arguments.
#Given: Some precondition step
#When: Some key actions
#Then: To observe outcomes or validation
#And,But: To enumerate more Given,When,Then steps
#Scenario Outline: List of steps for data-driven as an Examples and
#Examples: Container for s table
#Background: List of steps run before each of the scenarios
#“”" (Doc Strings)
#| (Data Tables)
#@ (Tags/Labels):To group Scenarios
#<> (placeholder)


#Sample Feature Definition Template
Feature: Login feature
I want to use this template for my feature file

Scenario Outline: Login Successful
Given User click on Make Appointment Button
When User insert username as and password as
And User click on Login Button
Then User verify Make Appointment Title

  | username  | password | 
  | John Doe | g3/DOGG74jC3Flrr3yH+3D/yKbOqqUNM |