Unable to run test case in IE11


I am facing a challenge. So far i was running all my test cases in Google chrome. Just for testing, i switched the test run browser to IE. I am receiving error,

Test Cases/Software Management/Manufacturer File path/test case - file import FAILED.
com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to set text ‘root’ of object ‘Object Repository/proactive assign/Page_eSDMS/input_UserId or Email_homeCont’
at .

The same is working perfectly in chrome. Here are my version details. Are there any known issues with IE?



Any thoughts?


I have made all the necessary settings for IE as mentioned in https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/internet-explorer-configurations.html. Still i am unable to run test case in IE, receiving error as below.

Also i am not able to capture objects via spy utility receiving the error as follows.


Please let me know if there any solution.



Both Add-ons are Enabled in IE11:

  1. ObjectSpyExtension.ObjectSpyBHO
  2. RecorderExtension.RecorderBHO.

Still I am unable to capture objects. However I am able to run test case in IE, but some time it take lot of time to execute a step, for example i have a field where i need to enter the user name, its taking almost a minute to pass that step, and even sometimes the test fails as the tool is moving to the next steps and in IE it still execute the previous steps. Log is as follows,

2019-03-18 11:32:53.293 e[39mDEBUGe[0;39m e[36mtestcase.SMS layout setting - TC001,2 -e[0;39m e[39m3: setText(findTestObject(“Object Repository/proactive assign/Page_eSDMS/input_UserId or Email_homeCont”), “********”)e[0;39m
2019-03-18 11:33:26.018 e[39mDEBUGe[0;39m e[36mtestcase.SMS layout setting - TC001,2 -e[0;39m e[39m4: setEncryptedText(findTestObject(“Object Repository/proactive assign/Page_eSDMS/input_Password_homeContentSubV”), “****************”)e[0;39m
2019-03-18 11:34:00.405 e[39mDEBUGe[0;39m e[36mtestcase.SMS layout setting - TC001,2 -e[0;39m e[39m5: click(findTestObject(“Object Repository/proactive assign/Page_eSDMS/input_concat(Click Login b”))

As you can see each steps take almost a minute. Everything is fine with chrome and firefox only I am having issue with IE. Please let me know whether I am missing any settings?



can somebody please help me on this as this is holding my browser compatibility testing.

@Mate_Mrse ,

Any help on this topic.

hello @neethu73

Please , you can look below link .

Hello @emine,

I have done all these settings, my only doubt is that instead of DWORD, should i set QWORD as mine is 64bit. Please clarify. Also the following are the drivers installed.


selenium version is 3.7.1 .

please let me know if any other change or download needed.


Hello Again @neethu73

I think it will help you.

Hi @emine,

:frowning: that didnt work. I think that is same as the below setting.

protect mode is already disabled.

Hello @emine,

I am able to run test case in IE (though it takes much time to execute each steps compared to chrome or firefox). However i am unable to capture any objects via object spy, it throws HTTP error while capturing (Alt+~)

Any thoughts on this?


Hello @neethu73

The KATOLON team working on this situation is working.
People who have faced similar situations like you have opened a topic that contains this issue.
You can browse if you want.

Hi @emine,

Thanks for the update. I will do a follow up on this. I hope it will be fixed soon.

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Change the IE driver to IE driver version x32 it will work.
IE Driver Location: <Katalon Studio folder>\configuration\resources\drivers\
you can download it from here depending on your selenium version: