Unable to resolve class com.detroitlabs.katalonmobileutil.Swipe

I’ve imported the .jar file to the drivers folder, restarted Katalon Studio, but the class cannot be imported. Whats the failure?

You provided incorrect path to class. According to Swipe class’ source code, it is com.detroitlabs.katalonmobileutil.touch.Swipe

Thanks. This was a bad example, because of copy & paste :wink:

import com.detroitlabs.katalonmobileutil.touch.Swipe definitely did not work. But import com.detroitlabs.katalonmobileutil.touch.Scroll works. Why?

That’s a good question. Do you have the latest version of the library? It seems that Swipe was introduced 3 months ago, but Scroll is there for a longer time.

Thanks. That helps. I’ve used the Link provides in the installation guide and got the old version 1.9.0 :((