Unable to Record on iOS Simulator

Hi, I’m currently facing the issue where I am unable to record by using iOS Simulator. I’m trying with .ipa file and .app file but failed. I’m getting the error " Simulator architecture is unsupported". I’ve been trying several solution but nothing works for me.

As for your reference, I’m using:
Katalon Studio 7.8.1
iOS Simulator 14.3
Xcode 12.3
Mac OS Big Sur 11.1
Appium 1.20.0-beta.0
Carthage 0.36.0
iOS-deploy 1.11.3

Hope anyone can assist me on this. Thank you in advance!

This is the error that I’ve got


Restart your device, i have the same error i restarted my device and then it’s work.

hello, please try this step

  1. build and run your project into the same simulator type on katalon app (xcode = iphone 11: katalon = iphone 11)

  2. go to
    ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/[Simulator identifier on xcode tab window (device and simulator)/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/[Bundle from xcode]/your app name.app

  3. try the .app to your katalon app for record/spy feature