Unable to open chrome

We are trying to run test case but it failed when starting chrome driver. Chrome is opened for a while then suddenly shut down. The result of test cases turned out as failed.

I suggest you check the setting, based on Katalon default web browser is Firefox, not chrome

I changed the default to chrome, or it will show the similar error to yours.

You gave this:

In there // is possibly wrong.

Should rather be:

Yes I admit it was a mistake but I changed it already to but it is still didn’t work.

I changed the default to chrome but it it still didn’t work.

Try opening the browser then navigate to the URL.
If you open Chrome, can you reach the web app ?

I recently had this issue with the most recent chrome update. You may need to update your chromedriver. Katalon does this automatically if you go to Window >> Katalon Studio Preferences >> Katalon >> WebUI and check “automatically update webdriver”

You can also update chromedriver manually. Assuming this has worked for you before?

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Try what @jmorris said. I had this same issue until I updated my Webdriver. But before you can replace Chromedrivers try restarting your pc first then replace the files and update then.

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Please show the full log, not just part of the screen-cut.