Unable to modify the header and sendrequest, request object NULL exception

Need help.
below is my code i am getting request object Null exception.

‘modify the reqeust headers before sending the request’

RequestObject accessToken = findTestObject(“objTest”)

for (TestObjectProperty header : accessToken.getHttpHeaderProperties()) {

println “The header value is:::”+header.getName()

if (header.getName().equals(‘SOAPAction’)) {

println “The value before setting the header is”+header.getValue()

println “inside the header”



println “The value after setting the header is”+header.getValue()




‘Send a SOAP request and returns its response’

response = WS.sendRequest(findTestObject(“accessToken”))

WS.verifyResponseStatusCode(response, 200)

error:Unable to send request (Root cause: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Request object is null)

My bad corrected the mistake working now.
closing this thread