Unable to generate report


We cant able to generate reports while executing test suite.

Can you suggest any solution as soon as possible

Please find the screenshot

Thanks in advance.

I am not a programmer but quick Googling says its an issue with Virtual Memory, How much RAM do you have in your laptop ? Kill all the programmes and run Katalon again then see this report.Maybe that will work ?

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@devalex88 I think this issue can be because of some other reasons. I have Basic Report plugin installed and I was able to generate a report for a small test suite with only 2 test cases but when I executed a big test suite with some 40 test cases I got the same error at report generation step.

I have some 170 GB of space left in the laptop and it runs with 16 GB of RAM

Hi @manpreet.mukkar,

Please increase max memory per instance in katalon.ini file from:
“-Xmx2048m” to “-Xmx4096m” or higher.



Thank you so much @duyluong

Now, I can able to generate the reports.


@duyluong How do I do the same on Mac ? I am getting the same Java memory heap error on my Mac machine.

I wasn’t able to find any thing related to this in Info.plist

Edit found it at :

katalon.ini file at /Applications/Katalon Studio.app/Contents/Eclipse/katalon.ini

The following post is effective to make KS memory efficient.