Unable to generate report


We cant able to generate reports while executing test suite.

Can you suggest any solution as soon as possible

Please find the screenshot

Thanks in advance.

I am not a programmer but quick Googling says its an issue with Virtual Memory, How much RAM do you have in your laptop ? Kill all the programmes and run Katalon again then see this report.Maybe that will work ?

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@devalex88 I think this issue can be because of some other reasons. I have Basic Report plugin installed and I was able to generate a report for a small test suite with only 2 test cases but when I executed a big test suite with some 40 test cases I got the same error at report generation step.

I have some 170 GB of space left in the laptop and it runs with 16 GB of RAM

Hi @manpreet.mukkar,

Please increase max memory per instance in katalon.ini file from:
“-Xmx2048m” to “-Xmx4096m” or higher.



Thank you so much @duyluong

Now, I can able to generate the reports.


@duyluong How do I do the same on Mac ? I am getting the same Java memory heap error on my Mac machine.

I wasn’t able to find any thing related to this in Info.plist

Edit found it at :

katalon.ini file at /Applications/Katalon Studio.app/Contents/Eclipse/katalon.ini

The following post is effective to make KS memory efficient.

What would be the maximum memory per instance to be provided ?.


It depens on the maximum memory of your machine.

If your available memory of your machine is 4GB so -Xmx should be smaller than 4GB.
If your available memory of your machine is 8GB so -Xmx should be smaller than 8GB and so on.

Thank you sir. My computer is 16 GB. What would be the value to be provided in katalon init file ?. Kindly do the needful .Thank you