Unable to execute recorded mobile scripts on IOS device in device lab

Hi Team ,

I am working on mobile automation via katalon on one of the IOS device on Gigafox device lab.

I am able to record steps for iOS app in Katalon but unable to run script after recording steps. I need to raise issue in Katalon Community but due to some my account issue not able to do same. So please raise an issue on my behalf. I am attaching logs & Screenshot for reference.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a project/test case in Katalon studio(7.2.1 ver.)

  2. Navigate menu bar Project → Settings → Desired Capabilities → Remote →
    Mobile Katalon Desired Capabilities

  3. Click on Record Mobile option & Select Remote devices

  4. Provide bundle ID of the project & Click on Start button

  5. Record steps in open device frame.

  6. Save object repository & steps to the test case.

  7. Click Run  Remote options

Can someone please assist what we are missing here .