Unable to detect modal box

Hi guys, I am new to test automation and have started to use Katalon Studio and specifically the recorder to capture UI clicks on a website.

The website that that I am testing contains a modal box that appears, asking the user to confirm or decline a particular message.

Unfortunately, when I click the “confirm” button within the modal box, an action is not captured within the recorder.

Can anyone advise how I may be able to capture this click?

Please let us know whether modal box is browser based or application popup.
Which browser are you using ?
If possible please share screenshot of modal box.

Hi, my understanding is that it is a browser based modal box. Attached is an image, taken using Chrome.


I’m quite sure that’s an alert, not a modal. Try adding the “Accept Alert” keyword.


Hi Daniel,
As Joseph suggested, you need to handle this scenario using “Accept Alert” keyword because its a browser based popup and hence cannot be recorded.

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Thanks guys and for pointing out the correct type of box. I will give it a try and confirm.