unable to create Project

dear team,
i am not able to create the project . please give me solution of it.

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Could you take the screenshot on what happened?

Aanal Shah said:

dear team,
i am not able to create the project . please give me solution of it.

are you able to create project ?
got any solution ?

i am not able to create the project


hey please find attached screenshot

Please provide more details about your issue.

Did you choose “File” - “New” - “Project” in Katalon Studio’s menu?

Were you able to see the above “New Project” popup screen?

Does your user account have permission to save a file in the “Location” you selected?

Katalon Studio - New Project.jpg

Dear team,
i am not able to create the project . please give me solution of it. It is giving error while creating mobile and web UI project ( unable to open project ,Stream corrupted exception)

Dear Team,

Error ‘Unable to create project’ while creating project.
Please give me the solution of it.

Version used – Version 5.5.0

Hi guys,
Do you have any log and step for this issue? We need more details for investigate…

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As per above screenshot, I’m unable to create project in KS
KS version - 5.6.0.

Please update the resolutions on PRIORITY as we are unable to work on automation

KS Unable to create project.jpg

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Try changing the “Location” of the Project to somewhere else, such as C:\Temp as see if you can create the Project there…

hi Team,
I am not able to create the project.

Hi Team,

Getting Error when trying to create Katalon Project

Can you please suggest me

Hi there !
I just downloaded Katalon Studio, and I can’t create a new project, or open an sample project which can be found here : Katalon Studio Sample Projects · GitHub

Explanation of the issue :
When I click on the “new project” button, the window opened well, I fielded up all the necessary field, but the “OK” button remains greyed out (unable to click on). Here is a view of the window, and the version of Katalon is also displayed in the background.

Addition information :
The first lunch of Katalon I saw an error message about Java.
But the message didn’t reappear after that. Plus, I updated my Java version.

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Hello, did you find the solution?

How can I create a new project?

Can’t find a new project anywhere

can you help me.

Hi @chauph28. My guess is you downloaded the Katalon Studio Platform edition. To open a new project, you will need to create a Git repo, and connect it to Katalon TestOps.

Then, back to Studio. Go to File > Open Project > Fetch Project > Choose your repo > Click OK. Reference here.