Unable to Create New Package

Every time I try to create new package, it gives an error message saying “Unable to create package”

Create new package by the name: com.uf.util

You try to create it under Keywords yes ?

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I was creating it from the file menu. But yes you are right. The problem is solved now.

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I am having the same issue. I get an error message that says: Unable to create package. How did you resolve this?

Try creating it from keyword menu. Right click on the Package and Create new package

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Create under Keywords

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Would be great if documentation were changed to reflect this thread, since it explicitly instructs to create package from main file menu.

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i second you

@Adnan_shafiq, Can you please guide me , as I cannot create a Package . I tried going to Keyword

Lol. A bug from 2018 Not fixed documentation still wrong.

Perhaps you guys should hire some testers snort

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