Unable to create jenkins Integration with Latest katalon 7.6 verion

In the previous versions of katalon (ex:6.1.1), I was able to run katalon scripts in Jenkins server but now my katalon was updated to 7.6.1 version. I was able to execute the katalon test suites in local but I was not able to execute in Jenkins server which is of katalon 6.1.1 older version.
Is this the problem with the version?

Can anyone suggest to me how to execute the test suite in the Jenkins server?

Hi @ssainath2172,
To execute test suites in Jenkins server, you should use Jenkins plugin for Katalon Studio. Also, starting from version 7.0.0, you must purchase a license for executing tests with Katalon in console mode.

Do I need to purchase KRE to execute in console mode?

Yes. Please refer to https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/docs/license.html#katalon-runtime-engine for more details.