Unable to Create Chain Api

Hi Team,

I am trying to automate my test cases using Katalon.

My use case is like
1)I will generate one person id for example Uuid ( 2dd48eae-56aa-4f27-bcbd-bdad9b94e582)
2)In my second test case i need to test Api using generated ID.
3)How can I create chain of Api for testing the same

you can use variables to pass parameters from one test to another…
did you try something? went something wrong?

I an new to Katalon.

can you help me with some example or video?

Step1: In my use case I want to create my trip using /2.5/trips - it will generate trip id (uuid):24fc5f44-2bd2-41b2-b5e9-9b7e0dc4599a
step 2: now my problem is I have another api which will update information about trio id mentioned above.
suppose for example api will be /2.5/trips/24fc5f44-2bd2-41b2-b5e9-9b7e0dc4599a.

So basically I want automation that it will generate id and it can pass the same id where it is needed.

good start is here:
there is lot of good stuff in documentation…