Unable to connect to jira server from kalaton 6.2.2

Getting server URL is not valid error

Hi @Raghuveerbh,

If you are under a proxy network, please configure at Preferences/Katalon/Proxy and try again.


Hi @duyluong

i have configured the proxy.

Now i am not getting any error but still jira is not connecting kalaton

and submit options are not fetching from jira.

@duyluong @Katalon_Store Can you kindly help on the above issue

Hi @Raghuveerbh,

Please show us the Proxy configuration, the error message and Katalon error log file.

Btw, the JIRA server URL should be end with .com.



For endpoint .com we are getting error message “server URL is not valid” but we configured proxy

and jira credential is SSO


Hi @Raghuveerbh,

I saw you didn’t set proxy port in Proxy Settings. Please ask your IT and fill the port value then try again.