Unable to complete Registration of Katalon Studio 7.0.3

I been trying to install Katalon Studio 7 on my Windows Desktop but I am unable to complete the submission for registration.

Tried Troubleshooting:
(1) New Windows 7 desktop image.

(2) Able to Install and register Katalon Studio 6.33

(3) Verified Katalon Studio 7.0.3 proxy settings are using the systems settings.

(4) Verified I could sign into the Katalon website with my registered e-mail address.

Could you give us your error screenshot?

This is the error I am seeing. I’ve also attached some configuration logs I have found.


configuration log.txt (16.3 KB)

I ended up switching the configuration from System Proxy to Manual. Then entered all my proxy information (+ corporate login info to proxy) and I was able to complete registration.

I am now able to complete the registration,

So there is something different about how registration works now in comparison to Katalon 6.33


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