Unable to click sub-menu link in a desktop application

Unable to click sub-menu link in a desktop application using Katalon Enterprise Studio 8.0.1

I have captured windows objects using spy windows object and have created a test script in Katalon studio enterprise 8.0.1

One of the object captured is a submenu. For example if File is the main menu object and File → New is sub-menu object, test script is able to click ‘File’ menu object, but not able to click ‘New’ sub-menu object while executing the script.

Below is the error shown -

=============== ROOT CAUSE =====================
Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: An element command could not be completed because the element is not pointer- or keyboard interactable. (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information)

If anyone ever faced this issue or know how to handle sub-menu objects in an windows application automation using Katalon Enterprise Studio, please post here.

Without seeing your code I am guessing you need a delay / wait… You could try one of the following:

[WebUI] Wait For Element Visible | Katalon Docs

[Windows] Wait for Element Present | Katalon Docs

[WebUI] Wait For Element Clickable | Katalon Docs

[WebUI] Enhanced Click | Katalon Docs

Hi @Dave_Evers - Thank you for your suggestion. I have used Actions builder in my code as per the suggestion given in this thread - Unable to click submenu item for desktop applications and it worked for me.

Actions builder = new Actions(Windows.getDriver());