Unable to click,even after giving the xpath

Unable to click,even after giving the xpath.I followed the same thing,i inspected the element i copied the xpath and added to the property of that element.But still issue is coming.


Unable to click on object \'Object Repository/demorecord/Page_ESS ESS (1)/span_Land OwnerDeveloper\' (Root cause: com.kms.katalon.core.webui.exception.WebElementNotFoundException: Web element with id: \'Object Repository/demorecord/Page_ESS ESS (1)/span_Land OwnerDeveloper\' located by \'By.xpath: //*[text() = \'Land Owner/Developer\'][count(. | html/body/div[1]/aside/section/ul/li[9]/a/span[1]) = count(html/body/div[1]/aside/section/ul/li[9]/a/span[1])]\' not found)


corrected xpath:-html/body/div[1]/aside/section/ul/li[9]/a/span[1]

This should be the correct one: /html/body/div[1]/aside/section/ul/li[9]/a/span[1]as you miss ‘/’ as the beginning of the xpath